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I've done my best to give an honest account of my experiences with the companies listed below, trying to maintain a positive tone. Porsches, though they attract the police all too often, do tend to attract a great group of people from nearly all walks of life. Since we spend so much time and money maintaining these cars, we may as well reward those companies that provide the best service and value. Please note that a mention here does not equate to an endorsement by me.

See the factory site for Porsche AG (US mirror) at

We went on a long trip, my previous Porsche and I. I drove cross-country and back from May 4 through July 3, 1999. It was a photographic, SCUBA, fun, family and car related trip. I maintained a web site with all the goings-on as they happened at

For track events, competition driving instruction and clubs, see my Track page. For Porsche 928 links, see my old Porsche 928 page.

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