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Concorso Italiano 2002

Once again, we only attended the Concorso Italiano at Quail Lodge. A number of friends and acquaintances had their cars on the lawn, though the car that will someday turn the most heads, I think, a Lamborghini Countach, was not ready for the show. Next year, we hope.

550 Before even entering the Concorso Italiano (CI), the stroll through the parked cars is often quite interesting. My Tahoe was in some great company, such as this Ferrari 550 Barchetta, a favorite of mine.
Red Sea We first headed to the back, where most of the Ferraris are parked, to see if we could locate some of our friends. Needless to say, there were quite a lot of Ferraris present.
F50 The Ferrari F50 here is always a crowd pleaser, though I much prefer the more raw, angular F40. The newest Ferrari supercar, the F60 or "Enzo," should be fantastic.
Modenas Two friends' Ferrari 360 Modenas.
Maserati A friend's Maserati.
550 Also parked in the back area was another Ferrari 550 Barchetta. I love the proportions of this car, and the sound.
360 GT Driven by Bill Auberlen and Cort Wagner for Ferrari of Washington, this Ferrari 360 GT race car took first in the GT class of the last Grand Am Series race.
Vanquish As we worked our way back to the front, we passed the Aston Martin booth, with the deliciously aggressive V12 Vanquish. 460 bhp and 400 lb-ft of torque. This should be the next Bond car.
Vanquish The V12 Vanquish looks hungry.
Bugatti The new Bugatti prototype is quite stunning.
Bugatti The Bugatti again.
GT40 The new prototype Ford GT40, a redux of the famous race car, was stunning. The engine was especially impressive, with those beautiful headers leading out to the exhaust pipes. This car is supposed to go into production very soon, hopefully to be very much like the prototype we saw here.
Murcielago Back near the entry was the Lamborghini area, where a friend's new Murciélago got lots of attention. These cars can supposedly go 205 mph. The car was named for a famous Spanish bull who, after putting up a heroic fight against the matador, was spared and put out to stud. Murciélago means "bat" (the winged mammal) in Spanish.
Murcielago I didn't think I'd like the Murciélago in black, but the aggressive lines, so reminiscent of the Countach, work well in nearly any color.
BMW Al Burtoni, whose eponymous shop in Gilroy is known to many as being the best Lamborghini repair facility in North America, had some fun advertising his custom exhaust systems. On the rear bumper of his special Jota, it reads "Can you hear me now? Good."
Diablo This Lamborghini Diablo VT has a very clever license plate.
Diablo An acquaintance's Lamborghini Diablo with its very custom color scheme.
Pooped We wandered around for awhile. This father and son team decided to siesta after all the excitement.
333sp The Ferrari 333SP was a very successful race car for many years.
Lamborghini GTR I took a number of shots of this stunning Lamborghini Diablo GTR spec-class race car, which happens to be for sale.
Lamborghini GTR The Lamborghini GTR.
Lamborghini GTR The Lamborghini GTR.
Lamborghini GTR The Lamborghini GTR.
360 A Ferrari 360 Modena race car.

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