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I am currently available for full- or part-time work. I am best suited to Website development, technical project management, production management and corporate sales. I enjoy having multiple tasks that require creative, well-considered solutions. I thrive on crises, though I work very hard to prevent them from occurring. Here is my resumé.
I have produced over thirty WWW sites for small to large companies throughout the United States. Please see my portfolio, below.

Mode•Factor Mode•Factor LLC
I have partnered with Charlie Berger and Thierry Mallet in Mode•Factor, providing rich media development. Our services include Website development, motion effects, 3D character animation, graphic design and Flash.

Zenith Insurance Inc.
I completed a one-year stint at TheZenith, beginning in Medical Management, then as a Project Manager, reporting to the Director of Strategic Projects in Corporate Communications, and later doing project-specific work for Medical Management, Claims and Claims Legal. I worked on a variety of technical projects relating to the company's public Website and Intranet.

[tradeshow photo] Escalate, Inc.
I worked at e-commerce company Escalate as their Web Marketing Manager. Located in Redwood Shores, CA, Escalate provides end-to-end sell-side e-commerce solutions for branded manufacturers, resellers, retailers, etailers, and content/portal Web sites.

Moonstone Interactive
Moonstone Interactive, Inc. was formed by Rachel Rubin and Seth Restaino as a multimedia production consulting group. I began as their webmaster and as a multimedia programmer. I then became focused on website development and project management. Moonstone specializes in all aspects of multimedia design and production for on-line and CD-ROM projects using the latest technologies and the careful application of many combined years of experience. I learned mTropolis programming from Seth and Rachel through the SFSU MSP, where I have also studied Information Design and QuickTime VR Production.

Bio Online (SM) Vitadata & Bio OnlineSM
I co-founded Vitadata corporation in late 1994 with Dr. Lee Jensen. His idea was to create a central Internet site to serve the biotechnology industry with product , service and employment information. At the time, the WWW was not even commercial, Netiquette reigned supreme, and we apologetically asked advertisers and sponsors to help support the project. Lee's brainchild has since grown to become Bio Online, the biggest and oldest commercial site serving the life sciences industries. We now receive over three million 'hits' each month. Bio Online is advertising supported. Though I helped to produce and maintain the site, it was a gargantuan team effort.

Vitadata provides WWW site design and hosting, multimedia production services, and the infrastructure to support the Bio Online service. My role was, at various times, Production, Sales and/or Accounts Manager: sales, marketing, technical support, design and project management. We worked with Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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