For Sale: Nikon and Compatible Camera Equipment

Nikon N90s Camera Body with Nikon MB-10 Grip and Nikon MF-26 Databack - $325.00

The N90s is an excellent, professional-quality 35mm camera body with fast autofocus, almost 4fps film advance capability and Nikon's matrix metering system. The camera body is in excellent condition and works perfectly. The Nikon MB-10 grip provides a portrait-oriented two-stage shutter release plus alternate battery configuration and a better overall grip and balance to the camera. The MF-26 databack looks rough but works perfectly. It provides date/time imprinting and pre-programmed exposure bracketing, which is very useful when shooting slides. Package includes original back, N90s owner's manual, MF-26 owner's manual.
Nikon N90s camera

Nikon N90s camera

Nikon N90s camera

Nikon SB-26 Speedlight Flash - $155.00

This is the most powerful, best-respected flash in the Nikon line. Excellent coverage for wide-angle through medium distance shots. Has slave capability. Works beautifully with Nikon's matrix metering fill-flash. Includes owner's manual, leatherette pouch.
Nikon SB-26 speedlight

Nikon SB-26 speedlight

Nikon SB-20 Speedlight Flash - $65.00

This is a very powerful, versatile flash, especially well-suited for those shooting with Nikon manual cameras. Just services and ready to shoot.
Nikon SB-20 speedlight

Nikon SB-20 speedlight

Sigma AF 400mm f5.6 telephoto lens - $275.00

This is a sharp, long lens, excellent for shooting wildlife or auto racing. Lens has integrated tripod-mount ring and slide-out hood. Works perfectly in auto-focus and manual modes with the Nikon N90s. Includes lens caps and case.
Sigma 40mm lens

Nikon AF-D Nikkor 20mm f2.8 rectilinear wide-angle lens with hood - $295.00

An excellent lens for shooting dramatic panoramic shots or architecture. Fast and very sharp. Includes HB-4 hood, lens caps and original box. Photo coming soon.

Nikon MC-30 Remote Cable - $29.00

This cable provides a two-stage shutter release for many of the Nikon camera bodies, including the N90s. It is invaluable when shooting portraits, low-light subjects etc.
Nikon MC-30 cable

Sigma APO Tele-Converter 1.4x EX - $145.00

This is a Nikon-mount AF-D compatible teleconverter providing 1.4x magnification to get that last bit of focal length when you need it. Includes lens caps and padded case.
Sigma 1.4x teleconverter

Contact me if interested.

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For Sale: Sony Video Camera Equipment

Sony VCL-0637H Wide-Angle Lens Adapter - $55.00 obo

This is the higher-quality Sony wide-angle adapter for use with digital cameras and camcorders, including the Sony DCL TRV-950 MiniDV camcorder. This item is new, in perfect condition and in its original packaging. I was told when I purchased it that it would work on my camcorder, but the salesman was wrong. I waited too long to return it, so now I've got to sell it myself.

Sony VCL-0637H lens

Contact me if interested.

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